Alphabet of slovak cinema 1921-2021 (kniha)

M. Kaňuch (ed.), Slovenský filmový ústav, 2022

The Alphabet consists of a collection of 25 short essays centring on alphabetically named phenomena of Slovak film culture. We aimed to cover the most significant topics in our thinking about cinema – phenomena and features of cinematic work, narrative and visual motifs. The purpose of the Alphabet is to break free from traditional chronological, hierarchal or canonical approaches. Our film archive still contains unexplored examples of cinematic treasure. From this perspective, our Alphabet is mainly an attempt at a more playful exploration and less binding look into the history of Slovak cinema. This book is published by the Slovak Film Institute in Slovak and English editions.


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Alphabet of slovak cinema 1921-2021

Technical information

Vydavateľ: Slovenský filmový ústav, 2022
Jazyk: anglický
Počet strán: 336 s.
Väzba: brož.
ISBN: 978-80-85187-95-3